THE TEN Keys to being an Entrepreneur

Keys to Being an Entrepreneur

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By the CrEaTiVe mind of Kim Wu

1. Don’t know it All – First of all, you don’t know it all. Things are ever changing so it’s impossible to even know it all. Know that you can always learn and keep an open mind.

2. Expect Failure – Expect a few possible things not going as planned. Whether you have a contingency plan or just have good reflexes, you have to “bounce back” and know that a potential “bounce back” will be required.

3. WRITE THINGS DOWN – I can’t stress enough how important it is to write your thoughts down. You will forget. Don’t think you won’t, because you will.

4. Spread the Money you Earn – Don’t think you are going to keep all of the money. As you grow, you must reflect the growth by distributing the earnings accordingly to those that made your success happen. It is impossible to do things alone. So no matter if it just your significant other that is your “assistant”, spread the love where it is deserved. If you are greedy, you will not succeed for long. Share.

5. Don’t be Scared to Lose – Big business is about big risks. You have to get out of the comfort zone and choose wisely. It is impossible to foresee the results from your decisions but if you plan accordingly, you can be prepared for anything. DO NOT EXPECT THINGS TO CHANGE BY DOING THE SAME THING. That would be insane. You have to do what others won’t so you can have what other can’t! Now go take a risk you’ve been sitting on the fence thinking about.

6. Take Breaks – The mind is a beautiful thing. It is constantly working. You must rest this “machine” as it functions your livelihood. I recommend breathing. Breath deeply, by fully filling your lungs with air and then slowly releasing. Do this five times daily to ensure you’re getting the oxygen that you require. Close your eyes for ten minutes. Take a vacation. [#YSBH Need a vacation? 704-497-3466 for a great travel club membership]

7. Pay Attention – You have to stay abreast of the competition. You have to know what is out there. While you may feel that there is no competition, there probably is. Someone can do what you do and your services are likely replaceable to a certain degree. As an entrepreneur you must have an edge. Know who is who and what is what. You don’t have to adopt practices of the competition. It’s just good to know information within your industry.

8. Never let “Them” see you Sweat – The “boss” can’t stress out. The leader of any organization, large or small, must always be the leader and keep the positivity alive. If there is a sense of doubt, frustration, loss, negativity, etc., EVERYONE will feel it. You shouldn’t lose your composure or show weakness. It may be challenging for some people but it is critical to long term success and leadership.

9. Be the Leader you want to Attract – Good leaders are attracted to good leaders. It is important that you as a leader are the kind of person you want to hire. You have to grow a team and know that great people come one at a time. Many come, many go. It is the way of business. When you find the right people that enjoy the opportunity you offer and that you can trust, you will be set. Leaders should see your vision and everything they do should represent the desired outcome. You need leaders on the team.

10. Invest – You have to spend money to make money. It’s a cliché but so true. You have to invest in the right equipment, resources, technology, etc., that can take you and your business to the next level… You can trust and believe “There are levels to this…”