[New Music] Kyle Hype ft. Rastan Louis – Shut Up! (via WSHH)

BMG’s Kyle Hype: “Shut Up”

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Singer-songwriter Kyle Hype was born and raised in New York, but his Jamaican roots are the driving force behind his music. As a teenager in Brooklyn, Hype would break into his father’s record cabinet so he could to play the songs of Bob Marley, Dennis Brown and Freddie McGregor. “They weren’t playing that stuff on the radio, but it was the language I heard my grandparents speak so I could relate to it,” says Hype. “It was so authentic. Reggae beats are different from any other form of music. You can dance to them. It’s like the difference between baked chicken and Jerk chicken.”

Hype started spinning those records as a DJ; then transitioned into singing and writing his own songs. His modern-day reggae music marries lyrical statements with driving melodies that cross over musical genres. His first two releases, the urban club song Shut Up! and the softer So Fine, display the range of his work and showcase his honeyed voice, which is pure, sweet, and powerful on each track.

Shut Up! (Give Me A Dance), with it’s urban club beat, is a straight dance jam. “Shut Up is about being in the moment and dancing at a club,” says Hype. “Sometimes when you go to a club and you see a beautiful woman, you don’t want to talk, you don’t want to ask her for her name and number, you just want to dance.”

Hype’s second release, So Fine is a Reggae-inspired track that brings to mind his Jamaican roots. “The song is about that connection you have with someone,” he says, “not just because of how beautiful she is on the outside, but how beautiful she is on the inside.”

Hype is currently in the studio finishing up his untitled debut album. His distinctive songwriting and vocal styles are bound to bring the musical language of Reggae back into the international pop vocabulary.