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There comes a time a facelift is needed. A total reconstruction of the Metro Proponent brand was necessary to reach further potential. For the past 6 years, the Metro Proponent has provided a monthly print version to Charlotte and surrounding cities. The distribution included “mom and pops”, Uptown modular news racks, stands through out the city, grocery stores such as Harris Teeter and Food Lions and throughout so many more business locations… The CrEaTiVe minds behind the Metro Proponent have been feeding the community a unique perspective. The freedom of press allowed for us to ruffle feathers and yet pass along much needed information to the local sectors of Charlotte. One of our passions is to get the word out about philanthropic efforts such as book bag drives, back to school drives, food drives, and other outreach efforts affiliated with children.

Our famous tag line is that we focus on the interests of young professionals, entrepreneurs, and minorities of all races. After less than one year of print, we launched, which is now updated daily with content including: politics, economy, social issues, culture, entertainment, sports, health, and more… Recently the Metro Proponent has ventured into television. We initially geared toward Time Warner Cable subscribers leasing access on channel 9 in Charlotte and being available “On Demand” in ten surrounding counties including Mecklenburg. After reviewing the numbers, we realize that we no longer wanted to pay Time Warner Cable. We would rather allocate those funds to local entrepreneurs, videographers, and more global marketing. We can offer more money to the staff of Metro Proponent and be available globally online via www.metrop.tvThe restructuring of the Metro Proponent trifecta does not stop there. We are also changing the monthly circulation to quarterly. The newspaper version will no longer serve party promoters and other dated material.

The Metro Proponent is no longer selling advertisement space in the newspaper version.We are now offering the ad space for FREE to all local businesses of Charlotte and surroundings. We encourage non-profits and any philanthropic efforts to reach out for positive exposure. We are keeping the distribution channels for the quarterly version of the Metro Proponent so the community can still get the information they need. There is not another newspaper of its kind. We do this for the local community and that is all. We promote entrepreneurship and PEACE. We appreciate our loyal readers and supporters.

Do you want FREE exposure in the next Metro Proponent Newspaper to be released January 2015?

THE NEW METRO PROPONENT is NOW a Non-Profit Community Resource!

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