Advertising with the Metro Proponent supports the Metro Proponent Foundation initiatives. There are severals ways to market your business, brand or talent with the Metro Proponent. We offer print ads in the Metro Proponent Newspaper (MPN) which focuses on the interests of young professionals, entrepreneurs, and culturally aware individuals of all races. Our print version is a great way to gain visibility amongst the 2.2 million people in the Charlotte and surrounding areas. No dated events are allowed inside the print version.

We only offer 4 sizes for print ads.

1/4 = Free (Click here for details)

1/2 page = $200

Full Page = $400

Centerfold 2 page layout = $600


Metro Proponent also offers email blasts to our list of over 137,300+ emails in the region and social media promotions via our online portals Metro Proponent and Metro P TV with over 100,000 unique clicks each week – and – our social media platforms with over 20,000 friends and followers Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, FB Group, SnapChat, Youtube

Email Blasts and Social Media Promotions range from $80-$500 depending on the details. You can email with the information and we can offer a more accurate estimate.