Woman accused of leading officials on chase with 3 kids in car

Dianne Saddler


By Jim Bradley

Blogged  by Rebecca Booker

Dianne Saddler is a 37-year-old mother of three who is now in big trouble with Union County authorities.

Deputies said she lead them on a high-speed chase through 2 counties at speeds of up to 100 mph, all with an infant and two other children in the car.

“We couldn’t believe she would put her children in harm’s way such as that,” said Capt. Cody Luke.

Luke said a deputy patrolling in Indian Trail found Saddler driving at more than 70 mph and tried to pull her over. Instead detectives said Saddler hit the gas and tried to flee.

They said she drove 29 miles without stopping, running red lights on Highway 74 and ignoring the blue lights of multiple law enforcement agencies.  Saddler only stopped after the front tires of her SUV were flattened by police throwing stop sticks into the roadway in front of her.

Hearing the story today in Monroe, parent Matthew Burleson was livid.

“I couldn’t imagine doing that to my children no matter what the circumstances,” he said.

Sheriff’s investigators said Saddler’s explanation after her arrest raised more questions than it answered.

“She tried to claim she was running from someone out of Charlotte.  But she had ample opportunity to stop and let us know” she needed help, said Luke.

Saddler’s husband told us by phone that he believes his wife, who had a baby recently, may be suffering from postpartum depression.  He said he plans to have her evaluated at a hospital.

The couple’s children were initially taken into custody by DSS but are now back with their father.

Saddler faces charges of speeding, speeding to elude police and three counts of misdemeanor child abuse.

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