Taz’s Angels

Gigolo Enterprises
CEO · South Beach, Florida
Gigolo Enterprises, LLC is Taz Williams’s new entertainment company. Gigolo Enterprises is based in South Beach, Florida and is the originator of music, television, movies, live entertainment and fashion projects. Currently Taz is focused on the musical group, performers, very successful event and party hosts Taz’s Angels and a line of lingerie Caviar Blaque. Taz’s Angels are currently very busy, they’re recording a debut album and preparing to star in a reality television series filmed in South Beach. Taz’s Angels are beautiful, multicultural socialites who also host celebrity filled parties and events and are often used for the marketing of popular brands and products and charity events. Taz’s Angels will be an important part of marketing the Caviar Blaque lingerie line.

The possibilities for Taz’s Angels are practically limitless and include live performances, worldwide party hosting, movies, licensing a variety of products including personal care products (perfume, etc.), beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), clothing, etc.