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Battle rap is a sport. Summer Madness 5 started with a memorable line wrapped around Irving Plaza. The #streets came out! Hundreds of fans wait patiently for the sold out event. Sorry if you didn’t get your tickets from Ticketmaster. Many people got to the front of the line with fake tickets! Bought and then refunded from an account flagged fraud. No way to even buy a ticket! Sold out completely. Jerome at the guest list line was THE MOST charismatic security guard under pressure I’ve ever encountered.

We Lit #SM5 #youcantcopyrespect

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The battles were strategically matched like a boxing match… “Weight and class” you could compare… I would like to see more women participate. Ms Hustle and Official were most memorable to me for the simple fact they represented the female race! As the crowd screamed and chanted “leave her alone, leave her alone!” I had to salute them for standing strong in a room filled with 99.5% testosterone. Considering what I’m trying to do With @queencitybasement and attract women to thrive in the industry together, I would like to see more women active in #music. Packed tightly in Irving Plaza… The intensity in the room could never be felt from the Pay Per View option. Be sure to be present for SM6. @smackwhite the referee or “gatekeeper” hosted the event flawlessly. Things at times got “real” as if the “beef” would lead to blood… The artists did their homework to make the performance meaningful. I won’t go in to too many details because the battle will be online and available to you to watch for yourself. One thing I will say, people’s feelings were hurt, pride was tested, and alpha males threw serious punchlines. Throwing shirts was nice marketing touch. I wanted one, lol. The guy didn’t throw any to the VIP side stage, which in my opinion was the best view in the house. Upstairs, overlooking the stage was a good look too.

The 2on2 battle was like #art. It most definitely takes talent to entertain on the main stage. I was pleasantly surprised at the battle rap art form presented live. It’s very different live in person and I look forward to attending every year from now on. The show, at times, became EXTREMELY aggressive in nature as emotions flared and could be read all over the artists faces. Some have mastered their “poker face” better than others. At the same time, the show was extremely comedic. The artists are charismatic and crave the crowds acceptance. And what a tough crowd it was… Smack controlled the crowd and wouldn’t let them become disrespectful. You can’t copy respect. Simply said. The URL event keeps the hip hop #culture alive. Interestingly enough the fans stayed put for a show that started at 1:00 p.m. and ended close to 10:00 p.m. Loyalty and interest at its finest.

The moral of the story is that battle rap is a sport and is a unique show to witness. Salute the battle rappers! #knowledge @metro_proponent.