[New Music] K. Breeze ft. K. Figz – Peyton Manning (via WSHH)

Check out BMG artist, K. Breeze, and his new video Peyton Manning.

Direct Link: http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh04g81ZXGaLJ9q54Y



If there were two words to sum up the music of K-Breeze it would be “raw energy.” Whether he’s recording in the studio or performing on stage, Breeze always has the intensity turned up high. “When the lights come on, that’s when I’m most comfortable and free. That’s when I can actually be K-Breeze,” he says. “I believe in giving people a show.”

Breeze has fun playing with his look too. A native of the Carolinas, Breeze has a unique style that blends business casual with rock star and urban hip-hop. “Wrap it all together and you’ve got K-Breeze,” he says. “It’s just minor details that can take an urban look to a whole other level.”

K-Breeze’s hip-hop jam, Peyton Manning, is bound to be a club favorite. The song raps about the future hall of famer and his quest for greatness. “I love the song because it shows the correlation between being great in sports and being great in your life,” says Breeze. “It’s about overcoming adversity and being a man and being verified through your work. I can relate to that so much. “

The pulsating beat behind Exotic has the same signature high-octane vibe. The track raps about women, trips, clothes…in essence, the lifestyle that every person wants to live. “The energy of this song fits me,” Breeze says, laughing. “I think it’s a fun track. It’s about the kind of guy that can’t be touched, an invincible type of guy, an Al Capone-type guy. I believe the energy carries the song.”